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Brad Sensenbach


Brad Sensenbach


Zoom (Online)


Mar 25, 2021


9:00 am - 11:00 am

[PRO] Working With Sellers Part 1

How do you get started working with sellers? This class will teach you what steps to take prior to your listing presentation appointment including preparing materials, prelisting packages, property research, and preparing a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). We will discuss the 1 step vs. 2 step method as well as what to bring, how to dress, and all the important points to cover during your listing presentation. Get tips for handling objections and then sealing the deal and preparing the listing paperwork.



NOTE: This is a live online class. In order to receive credit for the Pro designation, you will be required to be present for the entire class with your camera on, a working microphone, and be ready to participate!

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