The short answer is, no.

Co-ops, Housing Cooperative, or Cooperative Complexes (not to be confused with Condos or Condominiums) are not actually owned by the Buyer. Instead, you own shares in the complex much like a stock with the right to occupy a given unit via a separate agreement. As a result, traditional ‘home loans’ are not available. In most situations a cash purchase is the only option.

When selling a Co-Op, there is no transfer of real estate, only the transfer of ownership of these shares. Because of this the transaction does not go through an escrow company. Since there is no real estate involved, Tierra Antigua does not authorize co-op sales. Keep in mind though that you can still earn a referral fee for referring a client to an agent or brokerage that does engage in co-op sales.

You can learn more about co-ops in the article below:,rights%20to%20the%20housing%20community.

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