1. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to have your PLLC setup. Typically a CPA or attorney can assist you with this. If you need a recommendation you can try Jeff Hockett. https://hocketttax.com/
  2. You will need to submit the name change to ADRE (Bob Smith, PLLC. for example). There is a guide on the ADRE’s website here to assist you with this:
    1. The ADRE LI-231 form will need to be signed by the Broker, Kim Clifton. Once the form has been filled out completely and signed by you, you can send it to Kim for signature at commissioninstructions@tierraantigua.net .
      * Please note that the Broker will not sign the form if it is not filled out entirely and signed by you already.
  3. Once the change has been reflected in the ADRE website (https://services.azre.gov/publicdatabase/SearchIndividuals.aspx), you will need to complete a new Form W9 with your new tax ID number and send it to MichelleVail@TierraAntigua.net.
  4. Once those two steps are complete, we can begin processing checks in the name of your PLLC.

If you need further assistance our Accounting department can be reached at (520) 544-2335.