Anytime you are selling a property with a solar lease or loan in place, make sure that you use the Solar Lease/Solar Loan Assumption Addendum. This addendum will make qualifying for the solar lease or loan a contingency similar to our normal loan contingency. The seller is to give all documents plus the name and phone number of the solar company to the Buyer. The buyer is to disapprove within the inspection period or within 5 days after receiving the documents. As long as this addendum is used, the contract is contingent upon the buyer qualifying for the solar lease at least 3 days prior to close of escrow. Just as in a loan for the house, the buyer must give an unfulfilled notice to the seller if they cannot qualify. If the buyer does not issue this notice, the seller can give a cure Notice to the buyer. If during the 3 day cure period the buyer gives notice of the inability to obtain the loan the buyer is entitled to a return of the earnest money. If the buyer does not give such notice within the 3 days, the seller can keep the earnest money. Be very mindful of the timeline here. It could cost your client their earnest money. If the buyer is getting a loan on the house, the lease or loan on the solar equipment may make them unable to qualify for the home loan. Make sure the home lender knows of this lease or loan.